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Hot Dryer & Hot Clothes


Clothes are very hot after a dry cycle.


An accurate warning sign is when clothing is too hot after a drying cycle. The cause for this problem could be poor ventilation caused by a dryer vent clogged with lint, a bad vent connection, or a dryer vent joint that is not secure. These problems are not only a fire hazard, but also the overheating can damage the clothing as well as the dryer.

Dryer Vent Wizard will make sure your vents are constructed from rigid metal material with a smooth interior finish that allows lint to easily pass through. Other vent material types can lead to a variety of clogs and issues that are indicated by hot clothes. We will also correct poor connections and faulty joints.

The top of your dryer is hot to touch while operating.


A dryer that is hot to the touch while operating can be a sign of improper airflow. A clog in the dryer vent, improper vent installation, and even an obstruction near the vent cap can cause a hot dryer. If you notice that you have a hot dryer, make sure the exterior vent cap is not obstructed or covered with a cage, which can increase lint collection, and have your dryer vent cleaned by a professional once a year.

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