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Excess Lint Behind Dryer


Visible lint amassed behind the clothes dryer is a serious fire hazard.


A dryer vent that is working properly moves the lint through the dryer vent system to the exterior of your home. An accumulation of excess lint behind your dryer can be the result of a clogged dryer vent. Since a clogged vent restricts airflow so that the air cannot move the lint to the outside of your home, it forces the lint into the area behind your dryer. Dryer Vent Wizard's dryer vent cleaning process ensures that your dryer vent system is clear and works properly, reducing the amount of lint that accumulates in the dryer vent and behind the dryer.

If you experience excess lint behind your dryer, we recommend that you have your dryer vent professionally inspected and cleaned in order to help prevent a dryer fire.

Call us today at 866-395-7233 (Canada) or 866-498-7233 (USA) to schedule your dryer vent inspection and cleaning.

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